Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Tiga. Soulwax. Disco. Epic. (and that's Bent Van Looy (Das Pop) on the drums)
it's on a lot of blogs, i know and i'm terribly late, but it's amazing, so don't mind an listen to it again :)

Tiga - Love Don't Dance Here Anymore (ft. Soulwax) (ALT)

thanks to fluo kids, Too Many Sebastians, Asian Dan, and any other blog that got ahead of me! Applause!


Young Bran said...


you are one of my favourite blogs to read these days- hope you don't mind if we add you to our blogroll. i encourage you to check out


and add us to yr blogroll if you like.

thanks, keep up the awesome!


Too Many Sebastians said...

I think FluoKids beat me. Fuckers. Ahead of Asian Dan though. :-P

Alot of shady people have the promo now.. only a matter of time before it leaks.

Anonymous said...

love it


Too Many Sebastians said...

Your such a geek for doing that ;-)

sofie said...

of course i'm a geek! ;)

Anonymous said...

hi, good site very much appreciatted