Sunday, April 19, 2009


Oh! i never noticed this on the bonus cd of Nights Out until... well, now!

Metronomy - The Chase (ALT)

and in case you didn't know the classic (shame on you!):
Giorgio Moroder - The Chase (ALT)


Gerlin said...

I ♥ Metronomy!

iwata said...

Giorgio Moroder!!!!!!

Too Many Sebastians said...

Japan is watching.

Didn't the Daft Punk boys do a version of this too?

Ropedizzle said...

The Metronomy version doesn't hold a candle to the OG version. Such an awesome track.

sofie said...

TMS: have you got a good version of it? i've only got a live recording of it...

Ropedizzle: it's a nice tribute though, no?

Ingrid The Kids Meal said...

this blog is awesome.. just FFFFOUND YOU! adding to my blog list!

Ropedizzle said...

@sofie: good point, it is nice to see Giorgio Moroder getting some respect! As soon as I see one of those Moroder signature Ferraris on eBay I'm bidding on it!

sofie said...

good luck on saving monies for that, ropedizzle ^^

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

J'adore ces sons!
Oui j'ai deux paires!
Une bleu, une rose.
Passe faire un tour sur mon autre blog, c'est presque que de la musique.
En espérant que tu trouve des choses qui te plaisent!