Friday, April 24, 2009


Das pop postponed the release date of their album again! :(
so, while we're waiting for new things (and a release date) to come, let's (re)discover an old gem:

Das Pop - Electonica For Lovers (ALT)


stefanie said...


Gerlin said...

This is rather becoming a bit of a Greek tragedy, isn't it? I have to say I'm not even interested anymore. They used to be one of my favourite bands but they just aren't anymore..

Still pretty sad for them though.

sofie said...

i can agree on all levels, gerlin..

Too Many Sebastians said...

The fact that it leaked makes it more mind-boggling.

sofie said...

yup, it's almost surreal that it's been finished 4 years ago or so and you still can't buy it, just because of Sony BMG!

Too Many Sebastians said...

Well fuck Sony BMG!

1. Get artist to record album.
2. Don't release album.
3. ?????
4. Profit!

Nice to see they are following the underpants gnomes guide to business.

sofie said...

haha :D