Sunday, June 21, 2009


If you saw Justice sometime in 2007, you will without a doubt have heard them play DatA's Minuit Jacuzzi remix. Two years later DatA finally got out his album (it's been out for a month really, i needed some time to decide whether i like it or not). So...... i like it a lot.
I especially like the collaborations with Sebastien Grainger, they make a great team, but assuming you've already heard those by now, why not listen to the title track with the equally awesome Benjamin Diamond.
DatA - Skywriter (Feat. Benjamin Diamond) (ALT)

and just for the good memories:
Tepr - Minuit Jacuzzi Feat. Grandmarnier (DatA Remix) (ALT)


Bran said...

haha wow, that tepr data remix was one of the first tracks that i scrambled to find out who it was by... still such a wonderful choon, ah memories.

Joseph said...

you really like the album that much?

thanks for posting great stuff all the time

sofie said...

bran: it's still a good song yeah :) i like listening to tunes that i haven't listened to in ages and remember how good they are, ahhh!

joseph: i quite like it yes, there's some weird tracks on it (Nightmare??) but overall it's good quality; rapture, one in a million, so much in love (with breakbot, yayyy!), verdict and of course his older ones aerius light & morphosis ... : )

Don Simon said...

That was so much better than I expected. He's using the old electro clichés marely as a fond for his pop song and emphazises the melody rather than sounding tough.

I might not become a devoted fan boy but still. Always a pleasure to be surprised.