Sunday, July 19, 2009


To be honest i was quite doubtfull upon seeing all these featured artists on Simian Mobile Disco's upcoming album and Audicity of Huge's vocals definitely didn't help. However, the boys have won me over: SMD & Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor works a LOT better. The track below is featured along with all sorts of good stuff on the cd you get with this week's Les Inrocks magazine, get one while you still can!

Simian Mobile Disco - Bad Blood (Feat. Alexis Taylor) (ALT)


His Whoreness said...

I like it a lot more than "Audacity Of Huge", but wonder if that's because it sounds a lot like a Hot Chip track rather than an SMD track

sofie said...

yes that's the problem with featuring artists, people might just pay attention to the vocals and forget about your music..
it surely sounds like a hot chip track because of Alexis's voice, but there's definitely the SMD touch i love!