Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This summer I came across this video by this guy called Kindness (Adam Bainbridge), so uncomplicated, so short yet plain awesome. Next thing I know the track is stuck in my head and so it has been up until now. It's actually the b-side to another great song, Swinging Party; a cover originally by Paul Westerberg. Prepare yourself to get these stuck in your head.

Kindness - Gee Up (ALT)

Kindness - Swinging Party (ALT)


Gegenstück said...
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Gegenstück said...

Oh I love your blog, it has a really a nice layout,
and of course the music and the pics are awesome!
Where do you get your player? He's so simply and classic..

Nebby said...

apparently i looked over this post :)
Swinging party is like ABBA… very good!