Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Oh, you didn't think we would end the year without a bang, right? I'm really happy to share the latest SSSSOUNDTRACK with you, the last one of 2009. It's sort of a "best of 2009" for this SSSSOUNDTRACK's mixers Marbeya Sound - and listening to it, it's obviously been a good year in music.
You might recognise these boys from their track Salomon's Take on Cosmic Balearic Beats vol. 2, combining their Mexican roots and love for Soviet era synths to create pure cosmic pleasure. The mix includes music by Faunts, Jackpot, Junkie XL, Crazy P, Mungolian Jetset and lots more. Plus, they threw in some of their own work too, good stuff, all to be released in 2010!
SSSSOUND is on soundcloud too now, it's the place to find the latest SSSSOUNDTRACKS, go visit here, or you can still listen to it below (it might take a while to load) & download here! On top of that SSSSOUND just got its very own facebook page, head over there and let's all be fans & friends. Hope to see you next year, X