Sunday, January 31, 2010


Mustang, what a gem. Mustang is the project of the Belgian duo Renaud Deru (Cosy mozzy) & Andy Faisca. Cosy Mozzy has gained a
name primarily as a DJ in Belgium, but the music the duo has been making now is magic - Gomma was smart enough to sign them.
Lots to look forward to already, their debut EP Chameleon Circus is released 8th February, another track is coming in April, as well as
a remix for Vitalic's next single. Even though the tracks below are only previews, they should easily win you over.. Oh, and pop by the Libertine Supersport in Brussels if you want to hear them play, they're residents over there.

Mustang - Chameleon Circus

Mustang - On Mercury

UPDATE: download Ghinzu - Take It Easy (Mustang Remix) here


Wes said...

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