Wednesday, March 3, 2010


And we're staying in this Swiss theme, though we travel half the globe, to Australia. Modular's The Swiss made a Soundcloud page and put up some of their tracks - remixes as well as originals. Their first EP is available as a free download, get the rest of it here. Also, their remix of The Holidays is up at TMS!

The Swiss - Movement III (ALT)


The Man from Amsterdam said...

wow, you found that somewhere way back in my archives. thanks for making me search :P it is an amazing tune indeed! divine.

The Man from Amsterdam said...

Maybe, because I put that particular post up on Twitter :P

This is such a nice blog btw, gotta come back and check out the music and images you post more often. Love it.

Is it somehow linked to ffffound? I know you mention it in the description, but not sure if it's only inspirational link.

Brendan said...

beautiful picture for this post. SSSSound! always brings the aesthetics.

sofie said...

thanks brendan!