Saturday, May 22, 2010


Contrarily to what his latest album title 'I'm New Here' might state, Gil Scott-Heron's music has probably been around much longer than a lot of you have been walking this planet (that includes me). The album is a real beauty, so if you haven't heard it yet, this treasure from Villa's Vinyl Vault is just one more reason to check out Gil's entire discography. Go!

Gil Scott-Heron - The Bottle (ALT)

Artist: Gil Scott-Heron
Album: The Bottle (maxi)
Release date: 1974
Fredo's advice: To me, 'I'm New Here' has got a good shot at being the record of the year, fantastic comeback album. The Bottle was one of the first maxis I got, it was an introduction to the loft classics.

PS - Look out for SSSSOUDNTRACK PT. VII, coming soon!

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Anonymous said...

Love 'The bottle' such a brilliant song, we even did our own tribute to Gil Scott-Heron.
I do like yours though short and sweet. keep it up.