Thursday, June 17, 2010


John Talabot's music surfaced only just last summer, but the stuff that's been put out so far has been continuously impeccable. His latest release "Mathilda's Dream" came out on Permanent Vacation a few weeks ago, it's a real great and floaty release, with a delicious remix by Mr. Jacques Renault.
Talabot's productions are usually heavy loaded with samples, but they're used to a point where it's quite impossible to tell where the sample's originally from. This particular approach is strikingly apparent in the remix he did for fellow countrymen We Are Standard: the original and remix stand miles apart, and it's only in the really small elements that you can hear they used to be one and the same track. Outstanding outcome though.

We Are Standard - Don't Give Up (John Talabot's Slowing It Down Remix) (ALT)


Don Simon said...

Nice RA article on the man by Philip Sherburne:

sofie said...

ah excellent, a good read!