Saturday, July 10, 2010


In case the sun hasn't melted you yet by now: hello again! Who needs blogs in days like these, right? But obviously we're in need of some fresh music, and the sun doesn't stop the good music from coming out. I told you about Thieves Like Us' sophomore album "Again and Again" a while ago, it' seriously good so check it out if you haven't yet. They've been making some remixes to get the word out, an excellent remix of Minitel Rose and more recently The Drums' "Forever And Ever Amen". As fresh as the ice cubes in your drink!

Minitel Rose - Wild Birds (Thieves Like Us Remix) (ALT)

The Drums - Forever And Ever (Thieves Like Us Remix)

As a bonus, there's also a remix of Holiday For Strings I've been meaning to share, taken from their remix EP. Holiday For Strings is the project of Pony from Thieves Like Us, John from Peter, Bjorn & John, and three former chefs, as you might already know. Check the other remixes on the EP on their myspace!

Holiday For Strings - Calling Out (Holiday For Strings Dance Mix) (ALT)

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arif said...

the wild birds remix is great! thank you!