Friday, August 27, 2010


Things get scary when you discover incredibly talented people achieving all sorts of success and you realise they're actually younger than you. One of those people would be Nicolas Jaar, the wonderboy of only 20. His 'A Time For Us' is a pure gem, and after quite a bit of remixes as well as original material, he's now giving away a 6-track edits EP.
Remixes and edits sure are nice, but there's these certain classics that are just too perfect to even consider remixing/editing them. For example: You do not touch the Blue Monday. I repeat: You do not touch the Blue Monday. Not even the instrumental 'The Beach' version. But every rule needs an exception, so: yes, Nicolas Jaar, you can touch the Blue Monday. Download the other edits on Resident Advisor and then buy stuff too, on itunes for example.

New Order - The Beach (Nico Edit) (ALT)

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