Monday, August 9, 2010


VeemanJanssen is - yes, a weird Dutch name - but it is in fact 2/3 of Le Le, more precisely Rimer London aka Rimer Veeman and Parra aka Piet Janssen. Makes sense now doesn't it. 'Put The Flage On', sometimes referred to as 'Put The Freeze On', samples the eponymous hit by Alfie Silas and is the opening track of their 5-track debut EP '5 Beers For The Woodmil'. Le Le is good, but this is ... pretty great (check the previews on iTunes if you don't believe me). Disco, house and italo all the way - but with a Dutch touch.
Out now on Instant Replay.

VeemanJanssen - Put The Flage On (ALT)


Anonymous said...

nice nice nice

brobrand said...

like this..:)

iamglen said...

quite intense it