Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Sorry for every artist that was planning to take a shot at 'best album of 2010', but entries are closed and this one's on top of the list. Chilly Gonzales, the man with the beard and the bathrobe, really is the person that will make you wish you could be as good of a piano player he is, or could think of lyrics as witty as his.
Together with Feist (delivering the beautiful breathy vocals you'll hear in the song below) and new partner in crime Boys Noize, he created the soundtrack (whoops, nearly wrote ssssoundtrack right there) for 'Ivory Tower', the film he wrote together with Adam Traynor. On the downside: I haven't seen the film yet, but on the upside: this album works perfectly, with or without a movie - and that's something soundtracks can't always achieve. Ivory Tower is out now in Europe on Boysnoize Records, get it here.
Ok, end of the overly enthusiastic post. BUT SERIOUSLY. IT'S THAT GOOD.

Chilly Gonzales - Knight Moves (BUY)

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