Thursday, October 7, 2010


Remix swaps. If you're not able to pick favourites, you know the swap has been a success, and the result of this one is really quite stunning in both cases. On one side we have Gemini Club's debut single 'Ghost', coming out mid-November on Loose Change/Schmooze Records. Apart from Hey Champ's remix, the release will also include remixes by Golden Bug, Blue Satellite, Only Children and more.
On the other side then, there is 'Cold Dust Girl' from Hey Champ's debut 'Star', that has been turned into an 8 minutes long super-track. It makes me wonder why they haven't considered forming an übercool mega boysband with each other yet (or have they!?)

Apart from all this, I should probably mention Gemini Club's remix for Shinichi Osawa is yet another one to look forward to.

Gemini Club - Ghost (Hey Champ Remix) (ALT)

Hey Champ - Cold Dust Girl (Gemini Club Remix) (ALT)


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