Tuesday, October 19, 2010


There seems to be an even larger flow of great music coming out these last few weeks than usual, yet posts on ssssound have been slow and irregular - ssssorry. On to the music though since that's what you're here for: Retro/Grade released their new single 'Escape Sequence' just last week, it's out on Deconstruction Records and you can get it on itunes if you feel like it. If you still need to be convinced before you hand over your cash to them, get the live version of 'Moda' below, from their previous 'Moda/Pulsar' EP that was released on said label in July. There'll be a video for 'Escape Sequence' soon too, keep an eye out!

Retro/Grade - Escape Sequence

Retro/Grade - Moda (Live Version) (ALT)

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