Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Finally, the latest ssssoundtrack has arrived, courtesy of No More Pop! No More Pop is in fact a site that has been putting out its own monthly mixes since 2009, inviting a guest mixer for each edition. It's gathered a nice selection of contributors up until now, including Bottin, Ajello, Murphy Jax, Ali Renault and more, so it's unnecessary to mention I can highly recommend it.

This time, No More Pop is taking on the mixing duties himself though. Containing tracks from previous No More Pop editions, this ssssoundtrack is some sort of 'Best of No More Pop' (up until now, that is). It's mainly built around that particular dark & sinister disco sound from the late seventies and early eighties, with tracks from the likes of Space Art, Droids, Brian Bennett, Automat, Quartz, Laser, Ganymet, Big Ben Tribe, Neuronium and more, although there are some more recent releases to find in there, like the ones by Dompteur Mooner (ex-Zombie Nation) and Ajello.
Listen & download below, it's up on the soundcloud page too, and go listen to the other No More Pop mixes here. Enjoy!

No More Pop - SSSSOUNDTRACK PART IX (Download)

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