Sunday, December 26, 2010


Photo by Bruce Davidson

1. Did you get the most disappointing Christmas gifts ever this year?
2. Did you, on the contrary, get the most amazing Christmas gifts?
3. Or, do you not celebrate Christmas?

In any of these three cases above, this edit below is all you need, because
a. this might make up for the disappointment,
b. if you already got whatever you wanted, I bet you still needed this edit to make your Christmas absolute perfection, or
c. in case there was no Christmas party: poor you, have an edit.
Mike Simonetti was thoughtful enough to give away this edit of The Stories' Brother Louie. It was released on the first Perseo compilation that you can still buy here - on vinyl as well as cd, whatever you like best.

Mike Simonetti - Louie Louie (Mike Simonetti Re-Do) (ALT)

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Anonymous said...

A Blast from the...Past!!! Gracie!!!