Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Photo by Ruth Le Gear

What do you get when you put someone like Rub N Tug's Eric Duncan (aka Dr. Drunks) on a track like Canyons 'My Rescue' that is - safe to say - already quite impressive on its own?
Yes, you do get something that's doubled in length, but luckily the good thing is it isn't a streched out, generic disco version of the original, yet something that's gotten twice as powerfull along the way.
While you get to these ten minutes of pure disco bliss it's probably the right time to mention that the people over at Killahbeez asked me to do an album top 10 of 2010, and even though it's impossible to capture the year in just 10 albums, i've put together a list for you to read over here. Next to that i'm also posting some 2010 favourites on the ssssound facebook page. If you've got some favourites of your own to share: do post them up there as well.

Canyons - My Rescue (Dr Dunks Disco Extension) (ALT)

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Nebby said...

I like this ep very much!