Sunday, December 5, 2010


Photo by Jon Stanley Austin

It's been ages since I last posted about The Shoes on here, even though they've been keeping themselves quite busy. They released a new EP just over a month ago, you might have heard about it; 'Stay The Same' feat. Esser. It's got an impressive list of remixes by Adam Kesher, Siriusmo & Jan driver, Isolée, Harvard Bass, Donovans, and a really interesting one by Etienne De Crécy.
So the reason I post about it this late is because they decided to give an alternative version of the single away for free, and who would say no to that? I wouldn't. It's a bit more poppy than the original (that I really like as well) and if it's anything to go by, their album ('Crack My Bones', released 7th March 2011) will be something to look forward to in 2011. Get the track here and buy the EP (out on Southern Fried Records) here.

The Shoes - Stay The Same (Alternative Version) (ALT)

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Jan said...

Love that jumpy bass-synth, or whatever it is. Lovely!