Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Photo by Andrea Pola

Back again. Greeting 2011 with a remix that has been lying around for a while but one I hadn't gotten around posting yet. Hercules & Love Affair underwent a bit of a transformation in member composition, but it's just good that they're back. 'My House' has a full 90's sound, that Leo Zero took just that one extra step further.
Honouring the original house masters, it's got an amazing crisp sound and an excellent bass that my broken headphones don't do justice at all. Get a decent soundsystem to play this!
And in case you're feeling some melancholy for the 90's, have a look at the video they released for the track today, total drawback in time - including 90's ads intermission (around 3:30). Watch it here.

Hercules & Love affair - My House (Leo Zero Remix) (ALT) (WAV)