Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Photo by Mikaylah Bowman

Beth Ditto x Simian Mobile Disco is a combination that has proven to be extremely succesful (remember 'Cruel Intentions' on Simian Mobile Disco's previous album Temporary Pleasures?). Clearly it must have been a fruitful collaboration for them as well, since they've decided to make a four track EP together.
'Open Heart Surgery' is perhaps the most reminiscent of the Cruel Intentions track - certainly not a bad thing! 'Do you Need Someone' - and 'Goodnight Good Morning' especially - are more lowtempo tracks, while 'I Wrote The Book' could get the dancefloor going. Both SMD as well as Beth Ditto at their best.
The EP is released through Deconstruction Records, the digital release is out on Beatport exclusively and Juno should be stocking some 12 inches any day now.

Beth Ditto feat. Simian Mobile Disco - Open Heart Surgery (BUY)

Beth Ditto feat. Simian Mobile Disco - I Wrote The Book (BUY)


Aunt Hazel said...

ditto and simian, nice combo. nice post, love this blog

WhiteNigro said...

Isn't she just amazing!