Friday, March 18, 2011


Photo via It's Late

It's been an interesting week for Ed Banger Records to say the least, only one video is needed to get the entire internet all over Justice again. But the week is not over yet, you'd nearly forget they have another wonderboy in store.
SebastiAn's most recent endeavour dates from last year's soundtrack to Notre Jour Viendra, but in May he's (finally) realeasing his debut album 'Total' on the French record label. Nowness just premiered 'Embody', a first single from the album that will be released March 28th.
It's a surprisingly poppy song - to SebastiAn's standards - that will most likely appeal to a wider audience than the group of loyal followers he has gathered in the last few years and it will leave that group craving for more. Is it May already?

SebastiAn - Embody (via NOWNESS)



Oh lookie, the sound I heard 3 years ago. A fountain of innovation.

TMFA said...

Loveeee SebastiAn! :)

sofie said...

imissmyjuno: you wouldn't expect SebastiAn to produce anything that's not his own sound just for the sake of it not being enough of a popular genre at the moment, would you?
it's easily recognisably putting it next to his other music and i can imagine there's people that have just grown sick of it, though i would disaggree on it being exactly like his older music, i think he's evolved a lot. but then again, that's just my opinion.