Friday, April 8, 2011


Photo by Christopher Landin

What this is, is basically a mashup, but seen as 'mashup' has become more of a dirty word these days, i'm in doubt wheter or not it should be used in this case - the word has come a long way since it deviated from being the Soulwax kind of thing to being the hundreds of terrible electro-banger-whatever-mashups thing popping up on blogs today.
In any case, the combination of The Revenge's 'Just Be Good To Me' with Mario Basanov's 'Do You Remember' is rather great. Originally made to be a DJ tool by The Revenge, it got a bit of exposure because of being featured on the latest Future Disco compilation that came out in February; now you can get the dub version for your DJ (or listening) pleasure. Only 100 downloads so be quick!

The Revenge vs Mario Basanov - Just Be Good To Mario (Hold On For Love Dub)


Jonas Borneland said...

Awesome!!! <3

sofie said...

glad you like it & hope you're well Jonas! I miss Copenhagen!