Monday, April 18, 2011


Photo by Ann He

The longer a band keeps radio silence after a first album, the higher the stakes are and new music is met with a big risk of disappointment. Keeping the music between two extremes of just making more of the same on one hand and straying away too far from your band's own sound on the other, is a balance hard to keep.
Digitalism was known to manage the crossover between indie and dance music quite well, so it's relieving to hear that they still manage just as well.
'2 Hearts', the first single of their upcoming album 'I Love You, Dude' sounds very familiar yet at the same time shows a side of Digitalism we haven't heard before. All in all, a track that sounds promising - do give it a few spins before judging, you'll find it to be stuck in your head in no time.
It was chosen as Melt Festival's anthem of 2011 and can be downloaded on their website for free.
Digitalism's new album 'I Love You, Dude' will be released June 17th.

Digitalism - 2 Hearts (ALT)

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