Friday, June 24, 2011


Photo by Norman Palm

There's an endless list of things that should get posted on ssssound, here's one of many gems that dropped in the inbox lately.
Lithuanian trio Metal On Metal have a few interesting remixes to their name for people like Lost Valentinos, Bloc Party, Flairs, etc., but with this remix for The Sneekers (I've never heard of them before? ) they prove that they don't need a big name to atract the attention.
It's got quite a sugary intro that transforms into a super catchy hook with a nice rhythm on top, but it's able to maintain a very lighthearted attitude all the way through. Personally I'm not really a fan of the rapping that starts around 2:00 but I'll look past that since that's probably just me.
I think it might be a bit different from what I usually post on ssssound, but I like to think the things posted are quite diverse anyway so I wouldn't know why this wouldn't fit right in!
It'll be released through Television Rocks July 1st, on Beatport exclusively.

The Sneekers - Oink! (Metal On Metal Remake)

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Claire M. said...

Nice song I love it ;)