Monday, October 24, 2011


Photo via Superbomba

Portugese duo Johnwaynes unleashed this edit of Jasper Van 't Hof's 'Hoomba Hoomba' as the A-side of their most recent Let's Get Lost release. The eighth in line, other releases have included - amongst others - that amazing KZA edit and more recently Leo Zero's Bombay Bicycle remix.
Johnwaynes took the lovely combination of tribal rhythms and a slightly off-key piano and while maintaining most of the original structure, they added quite a bit of epicness (err, that's the only word i could think of right now). A perfect edit, so to speak.
Also, clocking in at exactly 10 minutes, this doesn't feel a second too long.
The two B sides on this release are each quite different but really great as well, get it while you still can.

Johnwaynes - Hoomba Hooma

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