Sunday, October 30, 2011


Photo by Annett Holmvik

'Something You Can Feel' has been on repeat these last few days. Delicious bassline. It's good to see something of Stars on 33 coming out too, which is the Christophe Hoeffel together with Lawrence Tompson & Radical Peterson - if those names don't ring a bell you might know that first person better under his alias, Kris Menace.
It's one of several gems to be found on Aeroplane's compilation 'In Flight Entertainment' that was released this week through Eskimo. Other favourites would be Drop Out Orchestra, Martin Dubka, Oliver, etc. which are in fact mostly regulars in Aeroplane's monthly mixes, so whether or not the tracks being exclusive would have something to do with it (or the mix being clearly more than a month's work), it has to be said that it is a very nice set of tracks, very well put together and reminiscent of the older Aeroplane mixes (e.g. the Disco Balearica one). In other words: a great compilation that is definitely worth picking up. Get it here, and listen to Aeroplane's other mixes on Soundcloud.

PS - Belgians, (aspiring) musicians, just in case you didn't know yet: there's this thing called Muzikantendag happening the 19th of November at the AB, and I was asked to be in one of the demofeedback panels together with Jarri from Disco Naïveté. So if you're interested: come along, don't be shy, we're very nice. More info here


Niya said...

Muzikantendag? Jarri? I'm THERE.

you knew said...

god damn im gonna start a disco blog soon