Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Photo by Eric Etheridge

After last year's 'Look Right Through' it's fair to say that Storm Queen aka Morgan Geist had pretty high expectations to live up to. The first few minutes into 'It Goes On' you anxiously ask yourself whether or not it's going to live up to it, but once it gets going and drags you in, you realise it's not about being better or not, it's pretty spot on and that's the end of it. And while the beats are clean, the lyrics are (yet again) as catchy as an annoying pop song - only without it being 'annoying' in this case. Out on Environ Records today, get it here (digital), or wait until the vinyl comes out next week.
Also, keep an eye out for Morgan Geist's remix of The KDMS that's out on Gomma soon.

Storm Queen - It Goes On (Vox) (BUY)

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