Thursday, December 8, 2011


Photo by Greg Girard

I know the year hasn't ended yet, but there's already so much stuff to look forward to in 2012 music-wise, and not in the least bit because after about 2 years of radio silence, Kindness / Adam Bainbridge came with the news of an album for 2012 - Zdar produced no less! There's been a single out already, Cyan, so in case you somehow missed out on it you can check the video and buy it here, it's got some weird/cool locked grooves on the B-side as well.
As for this track, I found myself singing along to lyrics I thought I'd never heard before until I realised there was this track I may or may not have been playing quite a lot on Myspace 'back in the days', a release that eventually never came out but now finally will be, as a white label in January (with a Zdar dub on the B-side), and then later in the year on the album.
What's so great about this track is that it has a seemingly overload of ideas thrown together, yet instead of creating one big mess, it swiftly jumps from one thing to the next, from psychedelic synths to an addictive bassline, vocals, lots of percussion, drum machine, dramatic piano chords, sax solo, etc. - you name it, it's in there.

Kindness - SEOD

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