Thursday, December 15, 2011


Photo by Dan Clarke

So, early Christmas present alert. You might have noticed Robi Insinna / Headman's latest 'Be Loved' came out a few weeks back on Relish Recordings - if you hadn't noticed, now would be the time for me to mention it's a very nice release with (besides the original) a remix and dub by Andrea Esu, as well as a dub version by Headman and quite an interesting remix by Daniel Avery (aka Stopmakingme).
Concerning the Christmas present though, Headman released a 'Slow Dub' version and it's just one mouse click away - get it on the Headman Facebook page. Also for the vinyl lovers: Be Loved got released on vinyl this week, pick it up here (or get it digital here). Don't sleep on it!

Headman - Be Loved (Slow Dub)

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