Thursday, January 26, 2012


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Daniel Martin-McCormick makes music under several aliases (e.g. Sex Worker or as part of the duo Mi Ami) but it's his Ital moniker we're most interested in here, since that one has an album coming out: 'Hive Mind', his debut album, will be released on February 13th through Planet Mu.
It's hard to put a strict definition on his music, the five tracks on the album explore a wide variety of influences - most easily distinguishable house and techno - yet don't expect the tracks to show any archetypical form. They're long (three out of five clock in at 10+ mins), slowly developing and each looping around one clearly defined hook. First track 'Doesn't Matter (If You Love Him)' for example, works with a rigorous vocal paired with synths crashing in and out, while the last track 'First wave' has a super delicate and warm theme. Well worth a listen.
Streaming below is 'One Hit', which was part of his debut EP 'Ital's Theme' that came out last year. If you want to hear something from the upcoming album: 'Floridian Void' is streaming over at Mixmag - check it here.

To the Belgian readers : Ital is playing in Ghent on February 5th, together with Dynooo Vs. Cupp Cave, and I'm allowed to give away 2x2 tickets to the show. All you need to do is email me at, and answer this simple question: Which American label released Ital's debut EP? First ones to reply get the tickets. Good luck!

Ital - One Hit

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