Sunday, January 15, 2012


Photo by Shini Park

With names like 'Opa' (granddad) and 'Der Alte' (the old one), this release doesn't really give away anything of what you might expect upon listening, though the fact that it came out on Kompakt should point you in the right direction. It's the second release for Danish producer Kölsch (apparently, Kölsch is also the name of a German beer) though he has been putting out releases under his Ink And Needle guise since 2006.
Opa on the one hand is definitely the typical techno-ish track you would expect and much along the lines of Kölsch's more well-known 'Loreley'. Der Alte however, seeks out a more sensitive side, the kind we've found in house more or less everywhere in 2011. It's a very simple recipe; some piano chords, some strings and a clear 4/4 beat under all of that, but we all know things don't need to be complicated to enjoy them. Listen to/buy the entire release here.

Kölsch - Der Alte (BUY)

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No-ëllk said...

yup. yup this is beautiful.