Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Photo by Soap Opera

2011 saw the release of three 12"s from Brooklyn duo Blondes: "Lover / Hater", "Business / Pleasure" and "Wine / Water". 2012 will now see the release of those tracks in CD-format, with an added pair "Gold" and "Amber". As everything in this project seems to come in pairs, unsurprisingly, so does the CD. The 8 originals will be accompanied by an additional CD of 10 remixes from the likes of JD Twitch, Andy Stott, Teengirl Fantasy, Bicep and more.
RVNG Intl. are giving away "Wine" as a free download, it has the pulsating, hypnotic melodies that are present throughout the entire series, so it'll be interesting to hear what the remixers have come up with. Bicep for one, added some heavy rhythmic muscle, so we're off to a great start.
The album is out February 7th on RVNG Intl. and already available for pre-order. Also, they're headed for Europe in February, check their Facebook for dates. Ghent - they'll be here February 17th.

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