Thursday, March 1, 2012


Photo by Trevor Triani

Some great edits from Cellophane Records that might induce some head nodding, feet tapping, or maybe even a lot more. First one up is an edit of Altered Images that basically makes it less cheesy, more groovy. Second one is an edit of Danielle Dax, really great vocals set to a hypnotic beat. They're not edits as in a producer putting his stamp on an old track and maybe claiming more praise from it than he deserves, but one in the original sense of the word, meant purely as a DJ tool. If these kind of edits help getting tracks like this on the dancefloor more often, I'm all for it.
There's still some vinyls left on Clone, or get it digitally on Juno.
Also, Resident Advisor put up a piece about the issue of edits and authorship recently, it's an interesting read if you have a moment.

PS - Next week I'll be playing some records alongside Disco Naïveté, Nosedrip and Holger at Subbacultcha's Dream Party for the launch of their March Issue. Come dance, come say hi, it's going to be super fun.

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