Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Photo by Mark Menjivar

Don't Be Afraid is back with a new release, Mr. Beatnick's 'Sun Goddess' EP which is his second release on the label after last year's 'Synthetes' EP.
Really impressed by this four track EP, so do take the time to check out the entire release when it's out. Below is the title track 'Sun Goddess' which has a great house/balearic atmosphere that's present throughout the entire release. Furthermore there's the tender 'Beneath The Reef'; if I were to make any comparison, Tangerine Dream's Love on A Real Train comes to mind. Third track 'Shifting Sands' is much along these lines too, albeit in a more tech-y way. Last track 'Savoir Faire' then, is sort of a mixture of all of the above, a great ending to the EP.
Vinyl is set to be released on March 19th, a digital release will follow March 26th.

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