Friday, April 20, 2012


Photo by Delaney Allen

Ghent's DJ godfathers, The Glimmers, are on fire in this remix for Scuola Furano. They've picked out the strongest elements of the original and worked around those rather than putting a whole new production over it. It's delicate, with that edge that makes it instantly recognisable as a Glimmers production.
Keep an eye on their Soundcloud as they put up a free download every now and then, for example Dave Glimmer's remix for Spank Rock. And keep an eye on them in general, they recently collaborated with Antwerp-based Merdan Taplak on his debut album title track 'In It For The Honey', which is an excellent combination of Merdan Taplak's Turkish roots and The Glimmers musical knowledge. Share function is disabled so you'll have to click through here to listen!

PS - I've only quickly browsed through the rest of the Scuola Furano release, but it's worth having a listen here and then buying here.

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