Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Photo by Claudia

As if the internet hasn't been polluted enough with unnecessary Lana Del Rey remixes, I am totally posting some Lana Del Rey right now. And as ever, way too late to be counted among the 'hip & happening' blogs and getting mad hits out of it. I think my next business move might be shifting this blog's focus towards EDM, the Pitchfork way.
But all jokes aside, this remix by Sophie Lloyd is actually good. Found it over at Feel My Bicep a while back but seen as this one hasn't been over the entire internet, it might be worth a repost.
On the one hand it's a track filled with clichés; steel drums, moody house vibes and well... Lana Del Rey, but on the other hand it does this so well that it's actually refreshing to hear these elements be used in a good way. Very well constructed, and where other remixers mostly seem to struggle to make Lana Del Rey's unconventional vocals fit with their own production, this one does it with such ease that you wonder why others are messing up. Thumbs up.


Buzziest Blog said...

So buzz.

don Simon said...

Actually the first ever good LDL remix I've heard! I've always argued that adding a beat completely destroys the dreamy twin peaks vibe that her tracks are all about, but this one actually nailed it. Kudos!

sofie said...

my thoughts exactly Simon!