Sunday, May 13, 2012


Photo via JJJJOUND!

Session Victim are set to release their debut album 'The Haunted House Of House' on Delusions of Grandeur next week. They've actually already released it in three split 12"s over the past few months but are now releasing the whole as a triple 12" combo.
Not going to waste more words on it other than saying it is really good. For proof: check the track below, the video for 'Dark Sienna' (the opening track on the album) and a stream of the album on Resident Advisor. So as I said, physical release (triple vinyl / CD) should be out next week, digital release will follow June 11th. You can already buy the sepereate 12"s that have been released before of course, part I is sold out though.

Session Victim - Good Intentions (LP Mix)

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