Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Photo by Vincent Delbrouck

The list of "stuff I should have posted about but didn't get around to" is quite endless (the "listening to" category in the sidebar is only part of it), this track had been put on that list as well, but seen as DFA just decided to give it away for free (in HQ!), now seems to be a good time to make mention of it anyway.
There's a big chance you've already heard of Pional before, but if not you urgently need to catch up on the excellent releases he's been putting out on Hivern Disc and Permanent Vacation, the tracks he did with John Talabot on ƒin, remixes for Darkness Falls, Debukas, Delorean and now this one of course.
Pional's remix work has been refreshing amidst the endless amounts of mind numbingly boring remixes, so if you want someone with a good ear for melody and rhythm to actually contribute to your track, Pional is your guy.
It's been out on vinyl for about a month or so, you can still pick it up here, or get the deluxe edition (album + remixes) of The Rapture's In The Grace Of Your Love here.

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