Friday, July 13, 2012


Photo by Viktor Gårdsäter

I normally don't copy stuff from press releases, but I couldn't have said this better myself: "To his fanatical fans, Whitey has always been on the edge of greatness - a gifted outsider making records like noone else. And at the beginning of another Lost Summer, it really is time for the world to take notice."
Whitey self-released his latest album "Lost Summer" back in May, but the aforementioned press release came with the great news that Bad Life is releasing a 7" in August with two tracks from the album, namely "Saturday Night Ate Our Lives" and "People" on the flipside. Especially People is one of my favourites on the album, it's gloomy yet not depressing - exactly the kind of atmosphere that epitomises Whitey's music.
Preorder the 7" here, but also buy the Lost Summer album on his Bandcamp page.
PS - if anyone watches Breaking Bad, Whitey's music will be on July 21st's episode!

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