Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Photo by Carlos Cancela Pinto

Look At Where We Are is definitely one of the more ballad-like tracks on Hot Chip's latest album 'In Our Heads'. Personally I quite like that the album alternates between their uptempo attitude and tracks like this one, although I am quite sure that some people would find it overly cheesy. If that person is you, then Four Tet's remix should be right up your sleeve.
The introvert mood and stripped-down instrumentation remains intact, and for the first three minutes you think this is a nice alternate version with a more upbeat-yet-subtle rhythm, but after those three minutes Four Tet considers the time to be right and takes it further into something genuinely bump-worthy. Even if you like the original and you happen to find yourself on a dancefloor, you'll probably agree that this version would fit the occasion a lot better at that precise moment.
I've said it before but I'll say it again: buy that Hot Chip album, it's been playing on repeat over here since it came out.

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