Thursday, July 26, 2012


Collage by Jens Ullrich

Who reads blogs when the sun is out? Not sure, but for those who do....
Âme played this on Boiler Room last night (set has been uploaded here) along with a number of recent or upcoming tracks that should get you excited about music for the next few months (new Prins Thomas album, anyone? Ry & Frank Wiedemann - Howling perhaps? etc.)
Anyway, this actually came out a few months ago as a special release for Record Store Day and I totally missed out on it back then, but there's still a few copies left in the Kompakt store so get it while you still can! There's also a more official EP with remixes by Mogwai and Park Frequency that you can still get here, but well, if you ask me, I'd get the Michael Mayer one.
I can only describe the track itself as very typical for Apparat as well as Michael Mayer, so if you know their music you'll know what I mean, if you don't: do take the time to discover it.

Apparat - Song Of Los (Michael Mayer Remix)

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