Thursday, August 23, 2012


Photo by Claudia

Have been meaning to post about Chilly Gonzales' Solo Piano II album for ages and now the album is about to come out (next week I think, it's already available in the UK) so any "About time!" comments would not be out of place here. Yes, he calls himself a 'musical genius' and in a lot of cases that would be way out of line, but as he proves once again with this album, I can only agree with him.
It's difficult to name favourites, at the moment I'm really loving 'Escher' and the Sakamoto-esque 'La Bulle', but if you'd asked me last week I would have said 'Rideaux Lunaires' or 'Othello' and next week I might pick yet another one. In short: Solo Piano II is 14 tracks of pure piano bliss (and quite a few extras if you get the iTunes deluxe version - here).

Below is a piano version of 'Marvin's Room', a track he worked on for Drake (an odd pairing that came about because Chilly's dad happened to live in the same building as Drake and he somehow ended up giving him the Solo Piano I album, after which Drake used one of the tracks in a mixtape of his, I forgot the details to the story). This piano version is just the melody of the track and consequently only 1:20 mins long but so so beautiful. Below that is the aforementioned 'Othello' and I really need to start thinking of synonyms for 'great', 'favourite' and 'beautiful' at this point before I start boring you with my enthousiasm - sorry if I already do. More stuff to watch and listen to here and here.
If you're able to make it to one of his shows you really just need to buy tickets right now and don't hesitate, you'd be a fool not to go. (Belgian friends: mark your calendars for December 13 - see you there).

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