Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Photo by Meg Sharp

Planned to give the forthcoming How To Dress Well album 'Total Loss' a listen but renounced that plan after track three. Not because I wasn't liking it, but because I'd rather have that third track, '& It Was U', on repeat for the rest of the time. It's super clean, basically just a vocal with a beat underneath, but a good vocal and a good beat at that.
If it's too clean for you then the rest of the album might be more up your street, there's lots of hipsterish noises and effects to be found - not that I particularly mean that in a bad way and I should probably give the entire album a decent listen before making such allegations anyway.
Electronic Beats is streaming the entire album so head over there to give it a spin. Out on Domino later this month.

How To Dress Well - & It Was U

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