Sunday, September 2, 2012


Some pigeons are more equal than others by Julian Charriere and Julius Von Bismarck

It's been a while (four years) since their debut single, but The New Sins finally have a new single 'Don't Break My Heart' coming out tomorrow on Tigersushi Records.
The single's title might ring a bell, as the duo - consisting of New Young Pony Club's Lou Hayter and Nick Phillips - chose to cover the eponymous UB40 hit. The tricky part of doing a cover is when bands decide to make something quirky and original out of it cause when doing this without caution, they're likely to end up with some pretty cringeworthy material instead. Although this one definitely doesn't just try to copy the original, it is by all means a contemporary and refreshing take on it.
Pre-order the 7" here, with a reworked instrumental of the track titled 'Heartbreaks' on the flipside. The digital release can be found here. Furthermore, The New Sins' debut album has been completed (and hopefully coming out soon), but in the meantime keep an eye on 'Tomorrow's World', another project that Lou Hayter is doing with Air's Jean-Benoît Dunckel.

The New Sins - Don't Break My Heart

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