Saturday, September 29, 2012


'Golconda' by Magritte

An album I've been looking forward to a lot is the new album "Personal Space" by the Belgian band Montevideo. It's been released just this week with a - from what I've heard - splendid live gig, so I can't wait to see the boys take this album to the stage.
It's been produced by Joakim, his influence can be heard in the little details that can sometimes make the difference between "good!" and "great!", so he's definitely been a noteworthy addition to the album. Would have to listen to the album a bit more to pick a favourite, but "Out Of Pleasure" is the one that caught my ear on first listen. Beautiful subdued track that gives space to every component of the track. Great!
Listen to the album here, buy it here. It's released in the Benelux right now, not sure about other parts of the world, but keep an eye out!

Montevideo - Out Of Pleasure

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