Sunday, December 23, 2012


Photo by Alba Yruela

Lovely edit of the eighties American disco-funk group B. B. & Q. Band by Greek (but London based) producer Elias Tzikas. It captures a mid-eighties atmosphere without sounding too dated nor has it been modernised in a forced way. Which, I guess, means it blends in nicely with other new music yet it can evoke a refreshing shift in mood on a dancefloor.
'Dreamer' is released on the 'Hunts Hurts Hearts' EP on Retrospective, that has the title track (which is much along the lines of 'Dreamer') and a more deep-housey track 'Still Around' on the A-side and 'Dreamer' plus a dub version by Retrospective's label heads Ruben & Ra on the B-side.
Listen to the entire EP here, you can buy the 12" here and a digital release will be available from tomorrow on, over here!
Last post of 2012 probably, thanks for reading this year, happy holidays and see you in 2013 - it should be exciting!

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