Friday, December 7, 2012


Twin Peaks film still

One of the disadvantages of tv series is having to hear the same soundtrack over and over again in each episode, but in the case of David Lynch's Twin Peaks, the music is something I happily look forward to.
The theme for the series was originally composed by Angelo Badalamenti with Lynch sat beside him and describing the atmosphere of the series that Badalmamenti then translated into music.
In the track below - a re-interpretation of the theme - the acid synth line is probably the most obvious added element, although the most striking change must be the introduction of a rhythm to it, since the tempo in the original was virtually non-existent after Lynch instructed Badalamenti to play the minor chord progression slower, which then resulted in the dark and hazy theme a lot of you probably already know. Hypnotising.
A short video about the creation of the original theme can be found here, and then buy the refix in the Hivern Disc webshop, it's the second installment in their HVNED vinyl-only edits series. There still might be some copies of HVEND01 left, which I can higly recommend as well.

TB - Invitation To Love

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